Tuesday, September 9, 2014

review: going vintage by lindsey leavitt

Shortly after discovering her boyfriend has an online "wife," high school student Mallory discovers a list of goals written by her grandma when she was Mallory's age. Mallory decides to follow her grandma's list and live what she expects will be a simpler life free from technology. But Mallory soon discovers that not only is her life is not any simpler, her grandma's high school days were filled with even harder choices.

The lists that began each chapter were cute, but Mallory's sister was more than a bit annoying. I'm not sure how Mallory didn't smack Ginnie when she would get all know-it-all-y about being "authentic." Although Ginnie unfortunately didn't show any growth, Mallory made an excellent evolution from being a bit selfish and impulsive to having a larger understanding of her life.
Review copy provided by the publisher, Bloomsbury.

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