Tuesday, October 7, 2014

review: dark tide by elizabeth haynes

Genevieve had a goal to quit her job and live on a boat. In order to do so, she needed to make some extra money. As Dark Tide opens, Genevieve has realized her goal and is now living on a fixer-upper boat called Revenge of the Tide. Unfortunately the same night Genevieve hosts a boat-warming party, she discovers the body of friend in the water. But Genevieve initially doesn’t tell anyone she knows the dead woman because she doesn’t want it getting out how she made the extra money. Eventually it all spirals beyond Genevieve’s control in a tense mystery from Elizabeth Haynes. The way the plot unfolds with past and present scenes allows the suspense to build slowly and create a gripping storyline. The downside though is that the revealed motivation is a little weak.
Review copy provided by the publisher, Harper.

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