Monday, September 22, 2014

review: little girl gone by drusilla campbell

Madora was having a bad reaction to cocaine when she met Willis. Madora’s mother didn’t approve of the relationship given the age difference, but she eventually left her daughter behind when she decided to marry. Soon Madora had dropped out of high school and moved into an isolated, ramshackle house with Willis. Little Girl Gone skips ahead five years to when Willis kidnaps a pregnant teen with intentions of selling her baby so he has money to go to medical school. Meanwhile, a 12-year-old boy is orphaned and moves in with his aunt who lives near Madora and Willis. Their lives intertwine and Madora and Django bond over Madora’s dog.

While the plot has all the right elements to make an interesting and dramatic story, Little Girl Gone is a little lackluster. It’s all pretty predictable with an ending that falls flat and felt tacked on. There are some compelling moments, but they weren’t enough to push this one out of mediocrity.
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