Thursday, January 2, 2014

review: teardrop by lauren kate

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Eureka’s mother once told her to never cry, so Eureka didn’t. She didn’t even cry after a crash injured her and killed her mother. As she leaves a therapy session for a cross-country meet, an attractive boy named Ander literally crashes into her world. Although the Jeep isn’t damaged beyond repair, tears spring to Eureka’s eyes and Ander tells her not to cry. That combined with her mother’s will reading causes her to question her history. That she didn’t know as much as she thought about her family becomes abundantly clear when Eureka’s inheritance turns out to be a locket, a stone, and a book written in an unknown language along with a letter giving some vague instructions. In uncovering the truth about the book and the stone, the lives of everyone Eureka loves are placed in peril.

Teardrop is a take on the story of Atlantis though it takes a while for that to become apparent as Eureka’s mother kept this part of her life secret. It’s a great concept especially since Eureka was previously a fairly typical teen. And while Eureka does have some unlikable tendencies they are understandable given her situation and are balanced with her compassion for her younger siblings. Unfortunately, Lauren Kate tries to force a love triangle here. Note to authors: Not every young adult title needs a love triangle.
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