Monday, January 20, 2014

review: the sweet revenge of celia door by karen finneyfrock

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Karen Finneyfrock’s debut broke my heart a number of times, but The Sweet Revenge of Celia Door is an amazing book. Celia is an outcast high school freshman whose parents are doing a “trial separation.” Her dad has moved from Hershey, PA to Atlanta, GA for a job while her mom works crazy hours as a nurse. Celia is pretty much on her own though she does get occasional advice from a cousin away at college. Then a new boy named Drake comes to school. He is super-cool and actually wants to hang out with Celia. Celia immediately has a crush, but it’s not meant to be as he soon comes out to Celia. Both gain courage through their friendship, but Finneyfrock also inserts a lot of high school drama to give their relationship a good dose of conflict and heartache. The story can be brutal at times, but also very realistic and compelling.
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