Monday, December 30, 2013

review: skinny bitch in love by kim barnouin

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With only a brief rebellion into meat-eating, Clementine Cooper has always been a vegan. After leaving her family’s farm, Clem pursued her dream of becoming a vegan chef. Things are going well until a jealous coworker sabotages one of her dishes for an influential food critic. Clem is immediately fired which leaves her with no way to pay her portion of the rent on an apartment she shares with a struggling actress. To add insult, Zach Jeffries makes plans to open a steakhouse in the space across from Clem’s apartment—the space she wanted for the cafĂ© she hopes to own one day. As Clem works on her plan for Skinny Bitch, which includes cooking classes and selling vegan baked goods to bakeries and coffee shops, Zach consults with her on vegan dishes for his new restaurant and the two are pulled together romantically despite their different diets.

With the word vegan constantly appearing in Skinny Bitch in Love, I almost stopped reading. Like, I get it, she’s a vegan, I don’t need to be reminded every other word. I kept going because Kim Barnouin is a talented writer. After a while, the constant vegan reminders stopped and Clem admitted that she’s a “preachy vegan” (well, at least she knows!), so I was able to fully enjoy the novel which contains an amusing plot and a diverse group of characters.
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