Thursday, January 23, 2014

review: sold for endless rue by madeleine e. robins

In 1204, a girl who comes to be called Laura escapes a horrible man named Urbo to live and train with a healer. Crescia takes good care of Laura and even provides her with the means to become a doctor educated by monks. This first part of the story is told in great detail so that it takes a long time to get to what becomes a pivotal moment in Laura’s life—she becomes pregnant and is abandoned by the father. Sold for Endless Rue then skips a few years to when Laura lives next door to newlyweds desperate to have a baby. The woman befriends Laura and receives advice so that she’s soon pregnant. But Laura becomes bitter and takes the baby, who she names Bieta. It is only then that elements of the Rapunzel story become evident. The plot is very drawn out with much of the first half being completely unnecessary for the developments that come in the latter half.
Review copy provided by the publisher, Forge.

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