Friday, January 17, 2014

review: confessions of a casting director by jen rudin

Before Jen Rudin became a casting director, she started off as a child actor which makes Confessions of a Casting Director all the more valuable--she knows the business from both sides. Rudin's book promises to help actors get more roles by explaining what it is the casting director really wants to see. For example, always staple your résumé to your headshot (which sounds basic, but Rudin says many don't bother) and bring the script to show "you're malleable and open to direction" even though you should have the scene memorized. Rudin provides such Dos and Don'ts throughout while also revealing anecdotes from her own career and those of a few others who shared their stories. Resources for finding acting jobs and getting headshots are also covered. It's all laid out in an easy to follow format with lots of funny stories to keep Confessions of a Casting Director from reading like a how-to manual.
Review copy provided by the publisher, It Books.

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