Tuesday, January 29, 2013

review: between you and me by emma mclaughlin & nicola kraus

With little introduction Between You and Me plunges right in to the world of a pop singer who rose to fame as a child.  For reasons that are never made clear, Kelsey’s assistant (and cousin) calls their estranged cousin claiming the family wants to see Logan.  Logan quickly discovers that was not the case, Delia is fired, and Logan somehow ends up as Kelsey’s new assistant even though she has a job in New York and Logan’s parents hate Kelsey’s parents.  It’s all a big confusing mess at the beginning, especially since the reason for the estrangement isn’t revealed for a long time.

Between You and Me is clearly based on Britney Spears’s life, but the authors did very little to develop any of the characters.  The romances are lackluster and the outrageous behavior actually becomes mundane.  The story definitely has potential, but the writing is weak and the plot is underwhelming despite its craziness.
Review copy provided by the publisher, Atria Books.

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