Friday, January 4, 2013

review: level 2 by lenore appelhans

After Felicia dies, she ends up in a place called Level 2 where she and the others there can relive moments from their lives.  This fact allows debut author Lenore Appelhans to fill in the important pieces of Felicia’s life.  Unfortunately, quite a few details about Level 2 are missing which caused me to lose interest.  I very much enjoyed reading about how Felicia came to be involved with Julian (who is also in Level 2) and the estrangement between Felicia and her parents, but the rebellion that Julian gets Felicia involved in on Level 2 fell flat.  While it’s understandable that Felicia would join the rebellion once Julian offered something she desperately wanted, it struck me as odd that she would trust him especially since she never really seemed to like Julian anyway.  Furthermore, the action scenes of the rebellion just didn’t have much bite to them.
Review copy provided by the publisher, Simon & Schuster.

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