Friday, January 11, 2013

review: the unfinished work of elizabeth d by nichole bernier

Elizabeth and Kate met at a neighborhood playgroup shortly after their respective oldest children were born.  Of the women in the group, Elizabeth and Kate got along best with each other, but then Kate and her family moved away.  Just before September 11, 2001 Elizabeth dies in a plane crash and her will specifies that the diaries she kept since she was a young girl should go to Kate.  Elizabeth’s husband is none too pleased especially since he read part of a diary and believes Elizabeth was having an affair.  Kate decides to read every diary before making a decision about putting them in a safe deposit box, giving them back to the family, or destroying them.  Through Kate’s reading of the journals, the reader comes to know Elizabeth while at the same time Kate discovers how little she knew about her friend.

Elizabeth’s story and the secrets she kept were interesting, but Kate is a helicopter parent of the worst kind.  Her neurotic tendencies are made all the worse by her constant fear that another terrorist attack will occur.  There were many times when I questioned Kate’s behavior and really wanted to scream at her to just make a decision already.

About the narrator:  Angela Brazil did an excellent job, especially with the children’s voices.  Her inflections were absolutely perfect.
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