Friday, January 18, 2013

review: this is how i save my life by amy scher

This Is How I Save My Life details the drastic measure Amy Scher took in an attempt to cure herself from what was likely Lyme disease.  Scher tried many treatments in the United States, but found nothing worked.  As she writes in this blog-turned-memoir, Scher decides to travel with her parents to India in order to have embryonic stem cell treatment.  Although an interesting story, the fact that the blog posts were simply turned into a book means there's much repetition to Scher's stream of consciousness writing; some editing would've tightened things up and made the story more compelling.  Furthermore, there's never really any sense of who Scher is other than someone who is often bewildered by India.  Her naïveté is the only thing that really comes through as she marvels at the prices of things and seems not to know that the Billabong shirt being sold is either a knockoff or stolen from the factory.  Scher's writing was never impassioned enough to evoke the emotions that should go along with such a tale.
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