Friday, April 8, 2011

review: the baby planner by josie brown

Upon losing her government job due to budget cuts, Katie sets out on her own as a baby planner. What is a baby planner? In Katie’s words, in addition to providing assistance with shopping and baby-proofing the house, she’s “your best friend during your pregnancy.” Katie’s motives for starting this business are less than altruistic; she’s attempting to fill a void as her husband refuses to have a child with her (he already has a son he never sees).

With The Baby Planner, Josie Brown has crafted an amusing novel about a woman so desperate for a child of her own that she resorts to a highly predictable deception. With the exception of one out of nowhere plot twist that comes toward the end, I knew every move Katie would make. I’d also figured out what Alex was up to long before Katie suspected a thing. Even so, The Baby Planner is quite entertaining with Katie finding herself in many hilarious (and some heartbreaking) moments with her varied clients.
Review copy provided by the publisher, Gallery Books.

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  1. Thanks for the review I will be linking back to it on my blog when I review this book. Thanks Lisa