Friday, April 15, 2011

review and tour: face of danger by roxanne st. claire

When Hollywood actresses begin to fear someone dubbed “The Red Carpet Killer,” the Guardian Angelinos are hired to protect the latest Oscar winner. They land the job because Vivi is the spitting image of Cara, the actress believed to be the next target. Although Vivi is the one who started Guardian Angelinos, she doesn’t get her own story until the third installment of the series. This familiar face finally reveals the 16 year old trauma that closed her off to romantic relationships as she begins to fall for the FBI agent assigned to guard the actress she’s pretending to be. Even as Vivi and Lang grow closer, the investigation remains at the forefront. And what an investigation it is. They soon discover “The Red Carpet Killer” isn’t the only after Cara whose whereabouts are now unknown. There were so many twists here, I was kept completely on guard and needing to read the next page.
ARC Review
Review copy provided by the publisher, Forever.

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