Friday, April 15, 2011

review and tour: shiver of fear by roxanne st. claire

Shiver of Fear picks up the story from the first book in Roxanne St. Claire’s Guardian Angelinos series though the perspective shifts from Zach and Samantha to Marc and Devyn. Even though the plots are connected, Shiver of Fear can be read as a standalone because the pertinent background information such as the murder of Devyn’s husband shortly after her discovery that a well-known mobster is her biological father. It is this discovery that sets in motion the action of this suspenseful second installment. After Devyn feels compelled to go to Ireland in search of her scientist biological mother, the Guardian Angelinos are hired to get Devyn out of Belfast. While it seems a little odd the FBI would need their help, Marc is former FBI; furthermore, Marc soon uncovers a terrorist plot that has Devyn’s mother at the center. As Marc tries to keep Devyn safe, the pair also starts to fall for each other bringing a slow romance to an increasingly tense hunt for the truth within layers of deep undercover work and conspiracy.
ARC Review
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