Friday, April 1, 2011

review and tour: the sweetest thing by jill shalvis

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Six months after their mother’s death brought three estranged sisters to Lucky Harbor, they are actually making a go of running the inn they inherited. While Simply Irresistible focused on Maddie’s life, The Sweetest Thing shifts to Tara, who had previously been revealed to have given up a baby at seventeen. Given how much time Tara was spending with the man who fathered that child, it wasn’t surprising when that child (now seventeen herself) appeared on the scene. This is where I wish the story had focused. I found the dynamics between a man and woman starting to come together after seventeen years (and a baby!) and the teenager looking to connect with her birth parents to be quite compelling. The fact that Mia is exactly the age Tara was when she gave up Mia adds another layer as Mia stays for the summer and falls for a boy working at the inn. But much of the plot centers around Tara and her two potentials—the aforementioned baby daddy and the man she just divorced (yeah, he wants her back now that she’s gone)—which led to a lot of machismo between the men.
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