Friday, October 8, 2010

review: the secrets of newberry by victor mcglothin

It’s the 1950s in Newberry, LA and racial tensions are high. Although slavery was abolished long ago, African-Americans (particularly the women) are in many ways treated the same by the plantation owners who employ them. The women have come up with a way of keeping the peace (by sacrificing themselves), but things blow up when one man can’t keep his hands off the underage girls of the community.

In another storyline that intertwines with the rape of the girls, Hampton becomes involved with a robber named Bones. The robberies are a way to feed his family since the plantation work can be spotty as it’s reliant on the crops produced. But it turns out Bones has more in mind than robbery—he wants revenge and is willing to brutally kill high-powered men.

Newberry is filled with secrets—tragically involving the molestation of both girls and boys—that follow Hampton and his family as they flee the town. The story is intense (I had to take breaks) and full of surprises.
ARC Review
Review copy provided by the publisher, Grand Central Publishing.

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