Friday, October 15, 2010

review: crescendo by becca fitzpatrick

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Although it’s been a year since Hush, Hush came out, Crescendo takes place only a short time later. Nora and her nemesis are in the same summer chemistry class and Nora’s relationship with Patch is on the rocks. It all went downhill when Nora asked if Patch loved her; you see, fallen angels can’t feel and Patch will be forever damned if the archangels find out he loves her. They break up and Nora makes all sorts of terrible choices that once again put her life in danger.

Crescendo suffers from many of the same problems Hush, Hush did: inconsistencies and annoyances. I cannot even begin to tell you how many times I wanted to smack Nora and her mother. Somehow they became even more annoying this time around while Vee improved. Certain elements, like Nora’s car situation, just didn’t make sense. Hey Nora, if your mom had to sell your incredibly old car to make ends meet, maybe you should think about getting a job rather than doing summer school. Oh, that’s right, you do decide to get a job, but only after you spot a much newer car you desperately want even though it’s totally going to be sold by the time you save up the money. And Mom, don’t tell your kid you’ll work something out and discourage her from taking some responsibility when you clearly are barely hanging on.

Even so, Fitzpatrick once again creates a satisfactory conclusion that also leaves enough questions to allow for another novel. Furthermore, even as I groaned about the stupidity of the characters, I wanted to find out more about Nora’s lineage. Somehow even with the issues I have, Fitzpatrick writes something I want to continue reading.
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  1. How funny! I have the same reaction - annoying, lots of complaints and yet I'll be back for the third installment! :--)

  2. Oh boy. Can't wait to get my copy from the library & see what i think, then... :P Thanks for the review!