Friday, October 15, 2010

review: the big dirt nap by rosemary harris

Strangely enough, for a book about a gardener, there’s no gardening that takes place here. Instead, Paula is on a press trip not far from her home to write about the corpse flower at the Titans Hotel. Of course, the article never gets written because Paula once again becomes involved in a murder mystery. This one has a lot more intrigue than the first book since the murder takes place in the present day rather than decades ago. For that reason I found The Big Dirt Nap a bit more compelling than Pushing Up Daisies. Furthermore, Paula has better motivation for continuing to put her life in danger—her best friend is missing.

As with the first book, there were quite a few characters but it was less taxing to keep track of them this time. Some were repeats from Pushing Up Daisies (Babe from the restaurant!), which made it easier, while others were either so minor that they didn’t need to be kept track of or were developed enough to give them distinct personalities.
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