Friday, October 29, 2010

book invasion update

Last month I mentioned that the review books had basically taken over my home. Although I still have stacks on the nightstands (because you never know what you might want to read before bed), the scattered piles are no more now that I have a new bookshelf. The one that I received from CSN Stores to review is quite attractive and fits perfectly in this odd space that I have where the kitchen, dining room, and living room all come together. It was also incredibly easy to put together—no tools necessary. I’m quite pleased with both the shelf and the fact that a it’s now a lot easier to find the books I’m supposed to review next.

I probably do need to get another shelf though since this one is already full and more books keep arriving. It won't take long for the books to takeover again.

I received a free product for review from CSN Stores.


  1. it looks like a nice bookshelf. How neat they had you review for them. I would love to do one of those. I think any book blogger would!