Tuesday, January 17, 2017

review: at close range by laura griffin

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The 11th book in the Tracers series kicks off with a double homicide that brings the San Marcos Police and Delphi Center together once again. This time the stakes are very high for one Delphi Center employee—the recovered weapon has his fingerprints all over it. Fortunately for Scott (who first appeared in Unforgivable), the lead detective on the case doesn’t believe he’s guilty, especially when new evidence turns up that points to a conspiracy. Soon Dani and Scott are teaming up (despite Dani’s protests) in more ways than one as the body count continues to rise.

At Close Range is fast-paced with a number of twists before the conspiracy unfolds. As the pieces come together, the plot becomes even more riveting. As usual, Laura Griffin does the romance part of the romantic suspense just as well as the suspense—Dani and Scott are hot together and make for a fairly evenly matched pair although Dani is a little insecure regarding Scott’s past liaisons.
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