Wednesday, January 18, 2017

review: untethered by julie lawson timmer

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Untethered ripped out my heart. With her second novel, Julie Lawson Timmer created a remarkably touching story about family. College professor Char Hawthron had a pretty great life with her husband and teenage stepdaughter, who was never really a “step,” but a true daughter. Unfortunately, that “step” becomes very important when Char’s husband dies and Allie’s mother decides to move her across the country. Allie doesn’t want to move and not just because she likes living with Char; Allie is a tutor/mentor to a young girl named Morgan who was adopted out of foster care and still struggles with abandonment issues. The writing was passionate and the plotting was spot-on with some unexpected twists that illustrate how familial bonds can be made without a blood relation.
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