Monday, January 23, 2017

review: a fatal twist by tracy weber

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Yoga instructor Kate has once again found herself at the center of a murder mystery—only this time the suspect seems all too clearly to be the dead man’s wife who Kate witnessed fleeing the scene. Kate refuses to believe the woman, one of her yoga students, killed her husband. Kate’s boyfriend is adamant she stay out of the investigation, so she enlists her onetime nemesis Tiffany. In a tale with more than a few twists and red herrings, Tracy Weber does an excellent job of weaving the subplots into the main plot. It was also great to see Tiffany in a larger role where she had to work with Kate rather than against her even as Weber kept up some of the established contentiousness. The fourth book in the series builds nicely upon previous plot points (Kate’s now studying to be a doula in preparation for her best friend giving birth), but is self-contained enough to work as a standalone.
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