Sunday, November 21, 2010

review: unforgivable by laura griffin

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The third novel in the Tracers series follows Mia Voss, a top DNA analyst at the Delphi Center. The hint at romance that saw a semi-hopeful start for Mia and Ric, a detective with the local police department, in Unspeakable continues here. But there’s more than romance to Laura Griffin’s superb suspense series; Mia is also the target of a killer—she’s kidnapped in the opening pages! After an escape that leaves one officer dead, threats are made against Mia’s young nephew. Mia will do anything to protect him, including putting her career and reputation at risk.

Here Griffin’s mix of romance and suspense is absolutely perfect. The tension between Mia and Ric as each tries to avoid getting too involved even as they are continually forced to work together heightens the emotion of every scene. I particularly enjoyed the brief moments shared by Ric and his daughter as they gave true insight into his character.
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