Friday, April 1, 2016

review: cats in paris by won-sun jang

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With coloring books for adults taking off in popularity, it seemed like something fun to try out and a coloring book with the title Cats in Paris seemed absolutely perfect. While the coloring book definitely delivers on cats, it is a bit lacking in Paris cityscapes. The few that do specifically look to be Paris are very intricately done which proved a bit daunting—I feared ruining Won-Sun Jang’s beautiful drawings. The paper is fairly thick, but I’m not sure markers could be used without bleeding through the page (I used colored pencils). My biggest disappointment with Cats in Paris was that the pages are meant to stay within the book—no perforated edges, printed on both sides of the page, and some of the designs run into the binding. It was tremendously fun to color like a kid while watching TV or listening to a podcast though.
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