Wednesday, April 13, 2016

review: the girl from home by adam mitzner

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Jonathan had a superficially good life in New York City with a beautiful wife and a job managing other people’s money. In order to maintain his image though, Jonathan makes a decision he knows is wrong thinking he can stall for a few months. He can’t. The downfall of his career coincides with his father’s health taking a turn for the worse, so Jonathan moves back to his childhood home and attends the high school reunion he never intended to go to. It is another fateful decision for this is where Jonathan connects with the woman who was the most popular girl in school. She, of course, married the star of the football team, but her husband is abusive and has threatened her life if she ever tries to leave. In a tightly woven plot, Adam Mitzner lays out how Jonathan and Jackie fall in love and then try to work out their respective legal problems after Jackie’s husband ends up dead. Despite a lack of sympathetic characters, The Girl from Home’s smart, nonlinear narrative makes it a compelling read.
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