Thursday, April 28, 2016

review: the never never sisters by l. alison heller

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Paige is a marriage counselor, but her family life is far from perfect. As The Never Never Sisters begins, Paige’s husband comes home from work saying he’s been suspended pending an investigation (he claims not to know the details, but Paige thinks it’s related to insider trading). This news is quickly followed by her parents’ announcement that their long estranged older daughter has finally been in contact. Paige’s life quickly becomes full of drama, especially once she starts reading her mother’s old journal and learns some secrets from the past.

The family dynamics L. Alison Heller creates in her second novel are skillfully constructed with a simmering build to the confrontations Paige finally makes. Heller adds in a few unexpected plot developments that allow her to further grow the characters realistically. The one downside is that Heller chose to only include the perspectives of Paige and Vanessa (Paige’s mother) and not Sloane (the estranged sister).

About the audiobook: The Never Never Sisters by L. Alison Heller is read by Julia Whelan who does an excellent job differentiating between the characters through tone of voice. Whelan even makes Paige’s husband Dave sound depressed which was quite appropriate for the character. The audio version was released by Ideal on Dreamscape Audio in January 2016. It runs nine hours.
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