Thursday, March 31, 2016

review: living like a runaway by lita ford

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As one might imagine, Lita Ford has quite the story to tell. From her days in The Runaways to her solo career, Ford has experienced many of the stereotypes of a rock star's life. In relating tales from the early days, Ford shines. The first few years of her rock career were filled with exciting times as well as rivalries and discrimination as a female musician. Unfortunately, the tone changes significantly as Ford begins relating her romantic relationships. Although Ford paints herself as a strong woman, her romantic entanglements are frequently with abusive men. Ford's bitterness about the father of her children (from whom she is estranged which she claims stems from their father's brainwashing of them) oozes from the pages. Despite saying she will not go into the details out of respect for her children, the hostility she harbors is all too apparent and difficult to understand without the details.
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