Friday, February 19, 2016

review: tell me three things by julie buxbaum

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With her first foray in young adult literature, Julie Buxbaum creates an incredibly touching story of loss, love, and friendship. The last few years of Jessie’s life have been filled with tragedy and upheaval. After the death of her mother, Jessie and her father struggled through on their own until her father met someone through an online grief community. When he decided to marry the woman he met, Jessie and her father also had to leave their Chicago home for a wealthy area of Los Angeles. Jessie is absolutely a fish out of water and her new stepbrother has little interest in showing her the ropes. She’s completely lost until someone sends an anonymous email offering guidance. As Jessie begins a relationship with the anonymous Somebody/Nobody as he calls himself, Jessie uses his help to find her way in Los Angeles.

Buxbaum brilliantly has Jessie travel back to Chicago thinking her problem is location, has Jessie isolate herself from her father, and do all sorts of other perfectly teenage things as her character grows throughout Tell Me Three Things. The character development in this novel is amazing. The ones who should be multi-faceted are developed as such while others remain the epitome of teenage selfishness. The mystery surrounding Somebody/Nobody is compelling and urges the reader on while also developing the possibility of a love triangle. Tell Me Three Things is absolute perfection.
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