Thursday, February 18, 2016

review: if i run by terri blackstock

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When Casey’s friend is murdered, she knows she’s a suspect. Instead of trying to explain why her DNA is all over the crime scene, Casey flees. Meanwhile, the dead man’s parents hire a friend of his to locate Casey. Dylan just got out of the military and is having a difficult time adjusting to civilian life, so he’s willing to keep working this job despite some hurdles thrown at him. The cops investigating the case just don’t seem to want him looking into any details other than Casey’s whereabouts.

Terri Blackstock wisely holds back details of the murder to allow readers to align themselves with Dylan who questions whether Casey is guilty. The main plot is excellently developed, but a distracting tangential plot Casey becomes involved in fails to meet the expectations set worth by the initial chapters. As that other plot takes over If I Run, it unfortunately seems to prevent Blackstock from fully diving into the backstory of the primary plot which is otherwise an incredible story.
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