Thursday, February 11, 2016

review: kingdom come by jane jensen

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Following her husband’s murder, Elizabeth Harris leaves the NYPD to be a detective for a much smaller department in Lancaster County, PA where there a few homicides each year. But Elizabeth immediately is assigned to a difficult case of a teenage girl found dead in a barn of an Amish family. Others in Lancaster County feel there’s no way any member of the Amish community could be responsible for the murder, but Elizabeth isn’t so sure and pursues that line of the investigation anyway.

Jane Jensen weaves a very intricate plot in Kingdom Come with plenty of suspects, but enough hints throughout for those paying attention to be able to piece things together. Jensen also incorporates a good deal of detail in the setting and characterizations to make everything come alive as Elizabeth doggedly pursues her very few leads. The tension builds nicely, especially as Elizabeth becomes involved with a man she probably shouldn’t be involved with.

About the audiobook: Kingdom Come by Jane Jensen is read by Rachel Fulginiti whose voice is pleasing to listen to and makes use of different tones to make it easy to distinguish between characters and the narration. Kingdom Come was released by Blackstone Audio in January 2016. The audio version runs 7.5 hours.
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