Thursday, February 4, 2016

review: sage's eyes by v.c. andrews

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For a while the books written by the ghostwriter commissioned by the family of V.C. Andrews to “finish” her works simply rehashed many of the same formulaic plots; the newest book, Sage’s Eyes, is one that branches out while also keeping true to the themes of family and isolation in the originals. This time around an adopted child, whose only knowledge of her birth mother is that she wanted her child named Sage, has visions that seem to be upset her parents. Sage cannot help but share her visions even though her parents reprimand her and the predictions freak out her classmates. Eventually it comes out that Sage’s parents had good reason to watch Sage so closely, but keeping that reason a secret has put Sage in danger. Sage’s Eyes ends up taking a paranormal turn not expected of a V.C. Andrews novel, but it works.
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