Thursday, November 5, 2015

review: the wrong man by kate white

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After splitting with a nice man who just didn’t have that spark, interior designer Kit is looking for a little adventure while on a working vacation in Florida. So when she runs into a man (literally—the hazard of walking with an iPad) who invites her to dinner and his room, Kit goes for it. When she arrives back in New York, Kit is surprised to hear from the man who said his name was Matt, but agrees to meet with him again. From there, Kit is plunged into an insider trading investigation that has deadly consequences.

Kate White’s The Wrong Man is filled with intrigue and mystery. There are plenty of twists, but White sets them up well right from the start. Although the setup made it fairly easy to guess where the tale would head, Kit’s adventures are thrilling. The characters seemed real while also fun, especially Kit’s partner Baby.

About the audiobook: The Wrong Man is read by Erin Bennett. Her voice is pleasing and while she doesn’t go to great lengths to distinguish character voices, it was easy to tell who was speaking. The audio version runs 11 hours and was released June 2015 by DreamscapeMedia.
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