Wednesday, November 11, 2015

review: never broken by jewel

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Part memoir and part self-help manual, Never Broken by singer-songwriter Jewel reveals the struggles she went through as a child growing up in Alaska, as a homeless high school student, as an emerging artist, and as a mother going through a divorce. At times the self-help portion went on too long, but thankfully Jewel always shifts the narrative back to the events of her life. And those events are pretty outrageous at times. From singing in bars with her father as a young girl to losing her earnings in a terrible deceit, Jewel’s life has been far from what many would consider normal; yet, she comes across as level-headed and determined to make her son’s life better than her own. While her devoted followers may already be familiar with some of the tales here, Jewel’s remarkable history gives her songs more meaning. Like the subtitle says, the songs are only half the story.

About the audiobook: Never Broken is one title that really should be listened to rather than read on paper. Jewel’s folksy tone makes it feel like she’s sharing a story directly with the reader. She also incorporates many of her songs into Never Broken. In the print version, the lyrics are simply there whereas Jewel sings for the audio version. The audio version runs 10 and a half hours and was released September 2015 by Blackstone Audio.
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