Friday, November 27, 2015

review: the puffin of death by betty webb

When Teddy’s boss unexpectedly sends her on a trip to Iceland to pick up a polar bear for the zoo where she works, she’s far more concerned about the weather than getting involved in another murder investigation but that’s exactly what the California native does. Teddy did try to stay out of it this time, but she just couldn’t resist when two others asked her to help. Although The Puffin of Death is the fourth in a series centering on Teddy, it works well as a standalone (I haven’t read the first three). Betty Webb clearly did her research here and includes fine details about Teddy’s Icelandic adventure. The characters are colorful and Iceland comes alive on the page. The reveal of the killer was also well done and unexpected. Webb even came up with a reasonable way for the killer to inform Teddy of the motive and method.
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