Thursday, November 5, 2015

review: broken dolls by tyrolin puxty

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Note: This review contains spoilers for a different book—The Doll Maker by Sarban.

A few months ago, I read The Doll Maker by Sarban which finds a recent high school graduate falling for a man who carves dolls. The girl eventually discovers girls like her are being used to make the dolls. Broken Dolls changes things up by having one of the “dolls” be narrator as the professor turned doll maker controls her life, brings in another doll, and introduces her to his sick granddaughter. Just like The Doll Maker, Broken Dolls is a haunting tale, but Tyrolin Puxty wisely introduces a sympathetic motivation for the professor. Rather than remaining a dark story, Broken Dolls becomes an account about the lengths one will go to for a loved one. The pacing is excellent—I rapidly turned the pages needing to know what would happen as the dolls rebelled—and the various plot developments pay off nicely in the end.
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