Saturday, August 31, 2013

review: close my eyes by sophie mckenzie

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Gen Loxley’s world is rocked when a woman named Lucy O’Donnell comes forward to say Gen’s baby was not stillborn, but was stolen—and Gen’s husband was in on it. Gen doesn’t know what to believe and becomes suspicious that everyone important to her life—her husband, her best friend—has been lying to her for the last eight years. They insist she’s crazy, but Lucy’s “accidental” death prompts Gen to continue investigating. With the help of her husband’s former business associate, the charismatic Lorcan, Gen embarks on a dangerous quest to find her child.

Close My Eyes is heart-poundingly good. Actually good is too mild a descriptor for Sophie McKenzie’s incredible suspense novel that is hauntingly dark. McKenzie set up the layers very well. There were times when I wondered if Gen maybe wasn’t crazy. Maybe she was imagining everything and Lorcan was going along with it to get her into bed like so many insisted. With parallels to the story of King Arthur, McKenzie keeps the reader on edge with a fast pace and plenty of drama.
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