Friday, August 30, 2013

review: brother, brother by clay carmichael

Billy “Brother” Grace knows little about his family. At age three, Brother’s mother left him with her mother saying she’d be back the next day, but she died in a car accident hours later. His mother never indicated who his father was and his maternal grandfather was said to have died in Vietnam. So it’s quite the shock when, after his grandmother dies, Brother finds a newspaper article with a picture of a teen who looks exactly like him. The revelation that he has a twin who is the son of a wealthy senator starts Brother on a journey to discover his past and future.

Brother’s personality really shines through in this book as he’s shown in a number of different situations. Clay Carmichael’s Brother, Brother is a touching story about the relationships we form and how the family you make can be more important than the biological one.
Review copy provided by the publisher, Roaring Brook.

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