Thursday, August 22, 2013

review: the wrong girl by hank phillippi ryan

Given the conflict of interest between their jobs, newspaper reporter Jane and detective Jake are still trying to figure out their relationship in the second book in Hank Phillippi Ryan’s Jane Ryland series. The pair is thrown together again when Jane’s boss sends her to cover a homicide that Jake’s investigating. Tragically, at the homicide scene two toddlers and an empty cradle are found. It turns out the children were in foster care which ties that plot into The Wrong Girl’s other one involving Jane’s former colleague trying to find her birth mother. Tuck asks for Jane’s help investigating the adoption agency because some of the information the woman they say is Tuck’s birth mother doesn’t jibe with what her adoptive mother told her.

The Wrong Girl involves a number of minor characters along with the familiar ones from the first book of the series, but it was never difficult to keep track of them as they were all well-written and different. Although the various plots initially seem separate, hints at what ties everything together are there from beginning. The plots come along nicely as the story blends tense situations with some comedic scenes (the bumbling cleanup crew, Afterwords) and touching moments (Jane with Phillip, one of the foster children). The Wrong Girl is excellent from start to finish.

My favorite minor development: Jane gets a cat!
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