Thursday, September 5, 2013

review: lie still by julia heaberlin

Emily has never told anyone in her post-college life that she was raped, but there’s someone out there who doesn’t want her to forget. Her secrets have caused tension with her husband, but maybe things will change with their first child on the way and a move to a wealthy Texas town. Instead, the harassment escalates as Emily finds herself in the middle of her police chief husband’s investigation into the disappearance of a woman who wanted Emily in her secret-filled women’s club.

With nearly everyone having a secret that Caroline has discovered, there was an endless list of people who may have caused her disappearance; Lie Still kept me guessing at every turn. It’s a dark story with essentially two plots (Emily’s harassment and Caroline’s disappearance), but it’s cohesive and there are lighter moments when New Yorker Emily assesses her new Texas town and the residents.
Review copy from Amazon Vine.

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