Monday, July 22, 2013

review: the time of my life by cecelia ahren

The Time of My Life is another brilliant work of magical realism by Cecelia Ahren. In this novel, Lucy’s been struggling for three years—her live-in boyfriend broke up with her (though she claimed it was the other way around) so she had to move to a tiny apartment where her cat isn’t allowed and she was fired for being drunk on the job (she again lied to family and friends about the circumstances). Lucy is a liar, but I love her for it. Lucy actually follows through with my plan of telling coworkers I’m a smoker in order to get more work breaks! Although Lucy is fairly content with her life, her family wants more for her so they sign her up for an appointment with her Life. And soon he’s forcing her to reveal all the lies she’s told. The Time of My Life is both funny and heart-breaking as Lucy bears all.
Review copy from Amazon Vine.

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