Friday, July 19, 2013

review: always watching by chevy stevens

Psychiatrist Nadine Lavoie from Chevy Stevens’s previous novels gets to tell her own story in the poignant Always Watching. (It’s not necessary to read the other books, but you should just because they’re amazing!) As it turns out, Nadine has quite the history of her own which she’s forced to explore when a suicidal patient who’s a former cult member is admitted to the hospital. Nadine’s impulse is to transfer Heather to a different doctor when she finds out Heather’s cult is the same one Nadine’s mom joined with Nadine and her brother, but she sticks with Heather. That decision leads to Nadine uncovering terrifying memories from her own childhood cult experience.

Nadine is a well-developed character. Although estranged from her family, they are present in the book and help the reader understand who Nadine is. And when a romantic relationship develops for Nadine, it is done in keeping with her character.

Emotions are strong in Always Watching and the unfolding of events is highly suspenseful. Stevens drops hints that allow the reader to guess at what will happen next while also holding back just enough to keep the reveals coming.
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