Sunday, July 28, 2013

review: big girl panties by stephanie evanovich

Holly was never thin, but her weight increased significantly after her husband died. Logan is a health-conscious personal trainer to top-notch athletes. So neither was thrilled to find they’d not only been bumped from first class, but were sitting next to each other on the plane. But of course, this is their meet cute—Logan offers training to Holly and she actually takes him up on it.

For a book billed as a romantic comedy, Big Girl Panties had some incredibly sad moments as Holly opened up to Logan about her personal life. While Holly had some faults, Logan was entirely lacking as both hero and romantic interest. He was very attractive, but definitely not a nice guy—he only became interested in Holly when she started talking to other men and lost enough weight for him to deem her acceptable.

The book was also a bit uneven because of the insertion of Logan’s best friend Chase (an MLB player) and Chase’s wife Amanda, who befriends Holly and tries to make a love match for her to spark Logan’s jealousy. If that had been the sole purpose of Chase and Amanda, it would’ve worked; however, Stephanie Evanovich includes a number of scenes centered around the love life of Chase and Amanda. This semi-plotline seems an afterthought meant to appeal to the Fifty Shades crowd (Chase is into spanking his partners).
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