Thursday, February 21, 2013

review: mommy midwife by cassie miles

Although the first chapter of Mommy Midwife had me questioning whether I should read on (the first few pages of the first chapter made Olivia seem a little crazy, but an explanation came shortly), I did and was soon sucked in by the plot.  A one night stand after the death of the baby of one of Olivia’s patients created a new life.  Shortly before Olivia’s due to give birth, Troy shows up to make one last attempt to convince her to marry him.  His timing turns out to be quite fortunate as it’s the same night that someone breaks into Olivia’s home.  Now they must figure out who’s after Olivia.

Unlike many in the romantic suspense genre, Mommy Midwife focused on the suspense rather than the romance which made the plot far more believable.  I never understand why the leads of many romantic suspense books end up hopping into bed while their lives are in danger.  Furthermore, Olivia stays fiercely independent throughout the book; she’s a heroine rather than a damsel.  But despite the combined intelligence of Olivia, Troy, and their family members, they could not figure out the obvious suspect. 
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