Friday, February 8, 2013

review: the good daughter by jane porter

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When I read the first book in Jane Porter’s The Brennan Sisters trilogy, I felt an affinity for the sister of the main character so I was pleased to learn the second book in the series centered on Kit rather than Meg.  With the focus shifted to the far more sympathetic protagonist of Kit, I enjoyed The Good Daughter immensely.  Kit is a Catholic high school teacher who is venturing into the dating scene after breaking up with her long-time boyfriend.  While dealing with her own family matters, Kit finds herself involved in the drama surrounding one of her new students.  Kit’s compassion for Delilah (who I loved in She's Gone Country and wished had a bigger role in that book) not only endeared me even more to Kit, it provided the perfect way for Porter to connect Kit to a viable romantic interest—the tough, but kindhearted man who lives next door to Delilah and knows all about the horrors she endures (thankfully Porter does not have the stepfather take his abuse as far as I feared).  Furthermore, I appreciated how Kit’s primary concern was always for those she loved; she didn’t change who she was just because there was a man on the scene.
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