Thursday, February 28, 2013

review: the girls' guide to love and supper clubs by dana bate

Hannah is the daughter of two professors and until now has always followed their life plan for her.  When her boyfriend breaks up with her shortly after they move in together, Hannah starts to break away from the path that was set for her.  Her dream has always been to cook, so she launches an underground supper club with the help of a friend.  The problem is supper clubs aren’t 100% legal and her new landlord has political aspirations that include shutting down supper clubs just like the one Hannah’s running from his house without his knowledge.

The Girls’ Guide to Love and Supper Clubs was super-cute, but I hated that Hannah never really experienced any consequences for her outrageous behavior (and not just with the not-so-legal supper club; Hannah also curses at her employer’s human resources officer while impulsively quitting her job).  The lack of consequences made the ending to Dana Bate’s debut far too uncomplicated for it to satisfy the tension that had been building to that point.  
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