Thursday, October 25, 2012

review: the sweet life by francine pascal

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Over the summer six novellas about the Wakefield twins of Sweet Valley were released in eBook form; now all six have been combined into one book.  The Sweet Life picks up three years after Sweet Valley Confidential where fans of the series discovered Jessica, Elizabeth, and their friends were older, but still up to their old antics.  When the novellas were released, I reviewed the first two installments which revealed that Jessica was now a mom(!) and splitting up with Todd while Elizabeth wound up with relationship troubles of her own after Bruce was accused of rape.  The story that unfolds over the next four novellas reveals whether or not Elizabeth was right to doubt Bruce's innocence as well as plenty more of Jessica's relationship drama.  As any fan of the series knows though, the Wakefield twins are not the only characters of importance; The Sweet Life includes subplots about Jessica's best friend, Lila (now a True Housewife of Sweet Valley) and the brother of the twins, Steven (now raising a demanding daughter, who he fears will wind up like Jessica). 

As I stated in my review of the first two novellas, the characters are back to behaving as they were originally written which is great, especially after a disappointing departure in Sweet Valley Confidential.  It was good to once again be back with the twins I loved as a kid.  The writing is much more reminiscent of the original series although some of the modern-day inserts (how many times does Pascal have to write “iPhone?”) are a little wonky.  The Wakefield twins remain a wonderful guilty pleasure.
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