Monday, July 16, 2012

review: the sweet life #1 and #2 by francine pascal

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The Wakefield twins are back once again in a new mini-series.  The twins are now 30, but they’re still finding themselves in sticky situations.  Jessica and Todd have a son, but Todd’s desire for Jessica to be a 1950s style housewife has caused them to split up.  Things have been going pretty well for Elizabeth and Bruce, but in the first installment of The Sweet Life, an intern for the Patman Foundation accuses Bruce of sexual assault.  In the meantime, Lila is trying to get on True Housewives of Sweet Valley, which causes her relationship problems when she badmouths Ken during a taping.

Thankfully Jessica’s characterization has improved since she was butchered in Sweet Valley Confidential.  She seems much more true to self as she schemes and acts impulsively.  Elizabeth is also spot-on.  She believes she can single-handedly clear Bruce’s name and also doles out plenty of relationship advice to Jessica.  Not being an Elizabeth fan, I did get a little snicker when Bruce’s accuser told Elizabeth (who she believes is a counselor) that Bruce said sex with Elizabeth was boring.  The writing and plotting isn’t going to win any awards, but this is Sweet Valley after all.  It’s mostly amusing to read about the immature antics of people I basically grew up with.  These are adults who never really left their hometown and are now stuck in an endless cycle of drama.  
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