Friday, October 5, 2012

review: and she was by alison gaylin

Years ago Brenna Spector’s older sister got into a blue car and disappeared forever.  That event triggered Brenna’s ability to remember absolutely everything in vivid detail.  Little things frequently cause her to remember the past at inopportune times.  Although her memory is a hindrance in her personal life, it is an asset in her work as a private investigator.  The disappearance of a six year old girl has haunted Brenna for eleven years, but she has no reason to be involved until the disappearance of a woman connected to the missing girl prompts the woman’s husband to hire Brenna.  Brenna and the officer assigned to the case end up uncovering a conspiracy that puts many lives in danger.

While the conspiracy and the investigation were entertaining, the actual reveal of what happened to the missing girl was quite the let-down.  Furthermore, the Hyperthymestic Syndrome detracted from the plot at times.  In some instances Brenna’s memory was essential to the plot, such as when she realizes the current police report on Iris doesn’t match the original; but the memories about Brenna’s past with her sister and ex-husband sometimes seemed like filler.
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