Friday, October 12, 2012

review: the gemini virus by wil mara

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A few days after a man who never get sick starts running a temperature, he dies from the illness.  Shortly thereafter, the people who came in contact with him also become violently ill and die.  No one, including the CDC, knows what this fast-moving virus is, but it resembles two strains of smallpox which causes speculation that a terrorist group is behind it.  As Michael Beck and Cara Porter from the CDC attempt to track the origin of the virus and come up with a cure, Dennis Jensen flees the “hot zone” with his family.  What Dennis doesn’t realize is that he’s brought his family right into the area of origin.

The Gemini Virus begs the reader to keep on going—you just have to find out how the virus got started and if they’ll find a cure before it spreads across the country.  It’s truly an excellent thriller, but the political aspect distracted me.  Had Wil Mara created a fictional president, I would’ve been fine with all that was written; instead he uses President Obama, which made me feel Mara had an agenda.
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